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Since experiencing personal health challenges, we have became passionate about health and wellness.

Having now conquered these health challenges through the application of advanced health screening, body detoxification and purposeful nutrition, life has been completely transformed and it has highlighted the importance of body balance in:


Health Renew is passionate about all things relating to body detoxification, nutrition & cellular health; Health Renew has been created to help you renew your health, mindset and wellness too.

So come, join us and let us support you on your wellness journey – great or small to enable you to discover the healthier, more purposeful life you’ve   always wanted!

Colon Hydrotherapy

Water is introduced to the Colon using the gravity fed system accompanied with visceral massage.

Advanced Health Screening

Assesses how your body is functioning at a cellular level accompanied with up to an hour and a half of face to face or telephone consultation with comprehensive report summary and nutritional, supplement and detox recommendations.

Nutrition Therapy

Bespoke transformation eating plans that will  change your relationship with food and facilitate the mind-shift to eating purposefully, paving the way to the happy, healthy, lifestyle you always dreamed of.

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Food (or should I say hydration) for thought – What should be in our water?

Put simply only minerals, however our water supply tends to have additions such as chlorine, pesticides, nitrates and in some areas fluoride is added to the water. Bottled mineral water gives us all the minerals but due most being sold in plastic bottles these also…

Cruciferous vegetables are the human bodies nutritional DIS-EASE fighters.

Cruciferous vegetables are aptly named because of their cross like shaped petals from the Latin word crucifer meaning “cross-bearer. Cruciferous vegetables contain a unique sulphur-containing compounds that are unlocked when blended or chopped, creating proven and powerful immune boosting and anti cancer properties. Cruciferous vegetables…