Colon Hydrotherapy

A colonic is essentially about cleansing waste and gases out of your system. The colon is often referred to as a sewage system which needs due care and attention to ensure by products of digestion are effectively eliminated in a timely fashion.

A Colonic, is a procedure to cleanse the bowel accompanied with a form of visceral massage.

Washing out waste gives immediate relief to bloating and enables to relief of constipation or/and the release of excessive gas.

Additional benefits come from the gentle manipulations which are applied while tuning into the gut’s rhythms. In this way, a colonic treatment can also profoundy benefit the tensions and distortions held in the gut which can impair its proper function.

Attention to details

Whether you have had the treatment before or not, It is natural to feel apprehensive about colonic. The clinic and treatment rooms are kept meticulously clean and private so the the experience can be relaxing, nurturing and above all one in which you feel safe and in control.

Colonic Implants

The walls of the colon easily absorb water soluble compounds and colonic irrigation can easily be a vector for herbal tinctures etc. Coffee Enema can be included in a colonic hydrotherapy treatment to stimulate hepatic release of bile. Coffee has a potent effect on liver detoxification and can enhance the effect of a colonic.
Colonic hydrotherapy facilitates the introduction of a post-treatment rectal implant and makes it more comfortable as well as more potent. Probiotic, or specific herbs can be used depending on therapeutic requirements.


Those relate to the introduction of a short (2” inches long) and relatively small device (3/4” diameter) into the rectum and include anal fissures and severe haemorrhoids.
The Amount of water introduced is only to bowel tolerance and rarely exceeds a couple of litres. However, this can be a problem with a compromised bowel wall, as in Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis (IBD), bowel cancer and medications/bowel pathology leading to reduced bowel resistance. Hernia and abdominal surgery should be healed before treatment. Caution must be applied with liver/kidney disease, pregnancy and hypertension.

A thorough medical history is taken and contra-indications reviewed before treatment.

Only disposable contact parts and tubing are used. The water is filtered and the pressure kept very low.


All therapists are IPCH Trained, ARCH and CNHC Registered

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